Dana White says 'no fight' between McGregor and Mayweather; McGregor continues to push

UFC President, Dana White, has stated that a fight betweenMMA fighter, Conor McGregor, and boxer, Floyd Mayweather, will never happen. That hasn't stopped the two-title champ from staying vocal about his potential mega fight with Mayweather. If the fight were to happen, it is likely that it would be the biggest event for both the fighters and the sports.

McGregor has a huge fan base; even those who dislike his attitude still flock to his social media every time he makes a post. There is no denying the athlete he is, or his social media ability to stir the pot. When it comes to Conor, there is always some sort of hype going on, much self-generated. He has a presence and doesn't seem to be letting it go anytime soon.

UFC and boxing fans are hopeful to see the war between McGregor and Mayweather escalate into the ring. McGregor has used his savvy social media skills to egg on the world's best boxer on. McGregor used Photoshop to create a photo of the pair side-by-side, Conor wearing white boxing gloves with the Twitter tweet "I'm going to break his face." Soon after the tweet the Instagram followed.

Floyd isn't sitting on the sidelines letting McGregor call him out. Mayweather fired back on his Instagram showing the clip of McGregor getting choked out by Nate Diaz. The clip continues to show McGregor down in the ring, suffering a loss in summer of 2016. The caption read "Caption This! Best caption wins $10,000.00" posted after Mayweather said he would "slap the s*** out of McGregor."

Mayweather isn't the only boxer calling out McGregor. 'Sugar' Shane Mosley said there is no way that Conor could hang with "real boxers" and he is open to a day in the ring with McGregor. The war between boxers and MMA fighters doesn't end there.  Just days after the Mosely announcement, boxing champ Deontay Wilder called out Brock Lesnar for their own MMA fighter against boxer fight. This isn't likely to happen since Lesnar was recently suspended from the UFC and fined $250,000 for a failed drug test.

McGregor has obtained his boxing license for the state of California at the beginning of December. This puts him one step closer to the possibility of a fight with Mayweather despite White saying it just isn't going to happen.

The McGregor and Mayweather fight will probably never happen, but their social media war is rather entertaining, would you agree? 


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