Empire "The Devils are Here" S02E01

OI know I am a little late on the Empire game. I haven't been feeling well so that's kept me from watching my favorite shows.

Season one of Empire blew me away. I love Terrence Howard and have always felt he does a superb job with any role he takes. I'm also an old school (80s to mid 2000s R&B) girl.

The music today...it's just...how do I say ...over synthesized and copied?

So, hearing Jussie Smollett sing is like a breath of fresh air.

I watched Season One of Empire on Hulu Plus the moment it aired. I've been waiting patiently for season two. Now, here it is and I'm two episodes behind!

So, let's get started, shall we?

We start with Lucious in jail, up to his usual tricks. Still trying to keep hold of Empire. 

We're Live!
Loving the guest stars.. Al Sharpton

Oh.. Jussie..keep singing......his voice...he's an angel

Spotify people..Spotify. All day long.

Meme..is that Marisa Tomei.. Oh that outfit ...She makes a pretty hot lesbian...

Chris Rock...

Did I just see Kelly Rowland?

Secrets are going to surface 

"You're rude, he's crude; both of y'all are socially unacceptable." ~ Becky (Gabourey Sidibe)

Oh damn...shit just got real.


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