Spooksville S01EP12 : Shell Shock

We've been watching this show for a few weeks now thanks to Netflix. One Saturday we binged through 4 or 5 episodes before heading to bed.

It is rare we find a non animated show that the whole family can enjoy. Most live shows meant for kids are extremely outdated feeling and cheesy.

While this show does have a bit of cheese, it's minimal. The show is full of monsters, witches and other supernatural beings.

We only have a few episodes left and it has me wondering if we'll ever see another season. 

In episode 12 we get a glimpse of water creatures, given the whole episode is centered around the town yacht club. 

I'm typing this on the iPhone app live as we watch.

So, a pirate turns people into crabs....


Who doesn't like a little pirate booty?

I mean treasure....


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