Why Binge Watch?

I hate commercials.

Like poke my eyes out would rather clean the litter box poke my eyes out.

Binge watching to me is godsend. Not only is it commercial free, at least on Netflix, television shows are like super long movies which never end.
I used to have Amazon Prime, but it made me angry that they would lure you in with season one and then the rest you had to pay $1.99 per episode.

Currently I use Hulu Plus. But now they are pissing me off with their crazy commercials. When we first started paying for Plus it was commercial free. Now paying for Plus means you get a few extra shows, a few less commercials and the ability to stream on various devices.

If you want to add Showtime your bill doubles.

Either way, I like to binge-watch my way through television and movies.

Sometimes I write about it on my Detroit Examiner TV channel.

This blog is just something fun for me to do. I love writing and will pretty much write about anything. 


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