Binging My Way Through 'One Tree Hill'

I have to say that I am thrilled to see all the improvements in Netflix over the years. I remember about 5 years ago when we first ditched our cable, Netflix was full of obscure movies and at any given time they would have a handful of some-what new releases. As their DVD subscription service grew, so did their streaming and thankfully that led to the powerhouse which it is today.
Now I’m thinking it is both a blessing and a curse. I have wasted so much time going through each and every episode. I wanted to go back and watch it again just so I would have more words to fill this post.
I'm just not sure I can take all the drama all over again.
 Apparently parents don’t exist. For real. Kids spending the night and moving in together. Late night hang outs. Chilling in their rooms at all house. Where are the parents.
Rich people don’t have bedrooms. Every time someone moves in with someone else, with the exception of Luke and Brooke, they end up sharing a room. Why is that?
Some people just never die. Seriously. 
No one ages. The struggle is real. I am not sure what sort of anti-aging cream they are using, but I want some.
People always come back home. 
Even nerds don't win. 
Lindsay just got a lot more interesting. For anyone who watches Chicago PD and had no idea Lindsay (Sophia Bush) even existed prior to PD, well, guess what? You can watch a shit ton of her! 


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