Binging My Way Through 'One Tree Hill'

I have to say that I am thrilled to see all the improvements in Netflix over the years. I remember about 5 years ago when we first ditched our cable, Netflix was full of obscure movies and at any given time they would have a handful of some-what new releases. As their DVD subscription service grew, so did their streaming and thankfully that led to the powerhouse which it is today.

Why Binge Watch?

I hate commercials.

Like poke my eyes out would rather clean the litter box poke my eyes out.

Binge watching to me is godsend. Not only is it commercial free, at least on Netflix, television shows are like super long movies which never end.

Netflix: The Sisterhood of the Night

Netflix : The Sisterhood of the Night
I am often tickled by what Netflix picks for me. Most times, it's fairly accurate.

I have set everyone in my house up with their own Netflix login because I don't want their viewed stuff showing in my "similar to." Nope. No thanks.
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