Dana White says 'no fight' between McGregor and Mayweather; McGregor continues to push

UFC President, Dana White, has stated that a fight betweenMMA fighter, Conor McGregor, and boxer, Floyd Mayweather, will never happen. That hasn't stopped the two-title champ from staying vocal about his potential mega fight with Mayweather. If the fight were to happen, it is likely that it would be the biggest event for both the fighters and the sports.

ABC Family Cancels 'Chasing Life.'

If you haven't watched Chasing Life on ABC Family, don't fear. The network just pulled the plug on this show after two seasons leaving us hanging and desperate for answers. That means, they are moments away from signing a deal with Hulu Plus or Netflix to stream the two seasons.

Empire "The Devils are Here" S02E01

OI know I am a little late on the Empire game. I haven't been feeling well so that's kept me from watching my favorite shows.

Season one of Empire blew me away. I love Terrence Howard and have always felt he does a superb job with any role he takes. I'm also an old school (80s to mid 2000s R&B) girl.

The music today...it's just...how do I say ...over synthesized and copied?


Saw the new commercial for the new season. Booth...missing...tonight. 

Never watched live. I've been checking up on Netlfix. Watch a few shows. Stop. Watch something else and then go back to Bones.

Need to binge watch the crap out of it now!

Spooksville S01EP12 : Shell Shock

We've been watching this show for a few weeks now thanks to Netflix. One Saturday we binged through 4 or 5 episodes before heading to bed.

It is rare we find a non animated show that the whole family can enjoy. Most live shows meant for kids are extremely outdated feeling and cheesy.

Binging My Way Through 'One Tree Hill'

I have to say that I am thrilled to see all the improvements in Netflix over the years. I remember about 5 years ago when we first ditched our cable, Netflix was full of obscure movies and at any given time they would have a handful of some-what new releases. As their DVD subscription service grew, so did their streaming and thankfully that led to the powerhouse which it is today.

Why Binge Watch?

I hate commercials.

Like poke my eyes out would rather clean the litter box poke my eyes out.

Binge watching to me is godsend. Not only is it commercial free, at least on Netflix, television shows are like super long movies which never end.
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